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User Interface

Model Browser

The Model Browser displays the components of your Stackitecture model. Use it to quickly find your components in a hierarchy.

Model Browser Quick Take


The Model Browser displays the components of your Stackitecture model. This is all the information in the model, displayed in a hierarchical format. As we keep working through our roadmap, more sections will show up in the Model Browser.

alt text


The Project node is the top-level node of the Stackitecture model. Currently, everything exists under the one project node.


The Architecture node is the next node down in the Project hiearchy. The Architecture node contains everyting that should represent a single architecture in the model file. Currently, Stackitecture supports having one architecture in a model file, but in future versions, multiple architectures will be supported.


The components nodes will be children of the Architecture node, and these represent the componetns that make up your architecture. At this level of the model hierarchy, you can:

  • Select a Component - this will select the component on the canvas and activate associate inspectors in the Inspectors panel.
  • Delete a Component - this will delete the selected component from both the Model Browser and the Canvas.

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