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In-App Purchase Questions

How do I purchase Stackitecture?

Stackitecture is purchased through the Mac Appstore. You have the option of subscribing for a month or a year at our advertised rate.

When running the app, then you can get to the in-app purchase screen via:

Menu Bar > Stackitecture > Buy…

What is Test Drive?

A lot of apps are advertised as free, but then immediately throw up a pay wall that blocks you from using the app until you subscribe. While you can do a free trial for 7 days, howver if you forget to turn off the subscription, it will autoconvert to a paying subscription after the free trial. We wanted to provide an experience of using the app that didn’t require the trial period. It’s likely going to cost us some “cheap wins” but it seems like a better user experience and we’re in this for the long haul.

Test Drive in our case lets the user evaluate the app with all of the features turned on, but lacks the ability to save a document. If you draw something and decide you want to save you document, you can purchase at that point (again via subscription).

User Interface Questions

Offline Support

Does it work offline?

It depends on how long you’re offline. When you run Stackitecture we check to see your subscription status with the AppStore. There is a basic caching mechanism inovlved in that should cover most small gaps in connectivity. However if the gap is too large (e.g. long plane flight), you may see some issues with subscription status and be unable to save your document.

We’re looking at more advanced offline support in a future version. If this is important to you, please submit a bug report so we can use that a voting mechanism.

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