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Stackitecture creates cloud architecture diagrams for Amazon Web Services. Save time and ramp up new hires faster when they know what they're building in the cloud.

Smart Cloud Diagrams for AWS

Make it easier for your team to understand the AWS architecture complexity that you're managing on a daily basis.

Better than web apps

Unlike web diagram tools, we are a native MacOs application.

  • Control Your Intellectual Property

    Your architecture diagrams are your IP and you really want to manage access to them. Unlike web diagramming tools, no diagram information is shared with us or any third party.

  • Save Time

    Spend less time deciphering your cloud infrastructure. Reason on AWS architecture components instead of drawing simple picture-based diagrams.

  • Reduce Complexity

    Map your infrastructure and visualize optimizations that will save you money and increase your uptime.

Native Mac Integration

The best tools quickly let you focus on your work and we believe that native apps provide the best user experience. All MacOS shortcuts work like expected for any Mac app, including native drag and drop integration.

  • Component Palette

    All major AWS services are in our component palette. Quit searching slide decks to get the right components for your aws devops architectures. Simply search for the component you need, and then drag and drop it on the Canvas.

  • Model Browser

    Our Model Browser shows you each component included in your architecture. Use components instead of graphics as you create your cloud patterns.

  • Intuitive Canvas Drawing

    We include a fully-integrated Canvas that displays all AWS architecture. Export to PDF and PNG for use in slide decks.

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A picture is worth a 1000 hours

The hardest problem in software development is sharing knowledge


of software leaders say sharing knowledge is their #1 problem


times that highest performing teams were more likely than low performers to execute on all five capabilities of cloud computing


challenge of software developers is sharing knowledge


Draw Smart Cloud Diagrams for your AWS cloud

We help you create your AWS architecture solution using the hundreds of unique services and tools provided by AWS.

  • AWS DevOps

    From an operations perspective, your systems will need logging, monitoring, alerting, and observability integrations and diagnostics to enable realtime monitoring for site reliability teams and production support.

  • Marketing Analytics

    Callout integrations with external services that might be used for customer engagement and analytics

  • External Team Onboarding

    If you’re bringing in external folks to add capacity to your development effort, you’re increasing your burn rate. The quicker they're able to accomplish their mission, the better for you and your firm.

  • Resiliency

    Are you implementing chaos engineering and testing to see if your application can survive various service outages? Before you even engage with a chaos toolkit, you should have a map of your system to determine your course of action.

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